Creating and Maintaining a FREE Class Web Page
A BUSD Professional development workshop presented by Rob Curry

First step:  Sign up for a free account at:
                 Choose a user name (suggested first initial + last name, ie: jowens)
and a password that is easy to remember.

Website URL's to remember:

This Webbuilding page:
The class web page template:   or the grade specific page (see below)
Everyschool/Vinci (Harvey) account
    Your user name: __________  Password:  ________
Your newly created webpage: name.html

Get the following things you will need to personalize the page: (When you have what you need, right click on the item and "Save Image As" to file you are saving to (3.5 floppy)

Start building the web page
  1. Go to Internet Explorer and enter the following url:
       or the grade specific template page:
  1. Go to  Edit Page > Front Page  (The Teacher SASI computers in the district mistly have Front Page installed already.  For other computers, Mozilla can be downloaded for free with many similar features to Front Page)
  2. The page will then open up in Front Page which will allow you to modify the sample page.
  3. After a few minutes, go to File > Save Page As and then save as ourclass_yourlastname.html instead of the default ourclass_curry.html onto the floppy disk (3.5 floppy A).  This is VERY Important
  4. Continue changing the page and hit the Save icon every few minutes so you will save your changes.
  5. Before the end of the session, goto and sign in using the user name and password assigned to you.
  6. Go to Create, on your page
  7. Upload all the files on your disk.

Front Page tutorial:
Amazing backgrounds and images at Hee Yun's Graphic Collection
How to build a web page using Netscape Composer OR Mozilla
For more web building ideas, check out the classes taught at RAFT on creating web pages presented by National Semiconductor and currently taught by Cathy Novak.
She and her predecessor, Shelly Luke, taught Rob Curry so very much.  Cathy's web resources are at:

For more animated images, check out  The best images are by subscription.  Rob Curry has a Platinum account.  Ask him for more info.  You are also given permission to use or even copy and modify any of his original pages found at

Feel free to contact Rob Curry at Vinci Park 923-1800 ext 3831 or email him at for free advice and help.
Right Click on images you want to use and "save image as" to your disk.

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