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Language Arts 6

Literary Response
Informational Text
Word Skills: Vocabulary

     Short Story Model

Social Studies 6
Unit 1: Prehistory/Near East
6.1  Prehistory
6.2  Mesopotamia/Egypt
6.3  Ancient Israel/Hebrews
Unit 2: Asia / Mesoamerica
6.5  Ancient India
6.6  Ancient China
Unit 3: Greece and Rome
6.4  Ancient Greece
6.7  Ancient Rome
Welcome to Class Tutorials.

This website is dedicated to providing students with specific targeted tutorials in the curriculum for 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies.

This promotes differentiated instruction to all learners.  It is especially directed towards students who need to relearn and review material to be more successful and also for more individualized instruction for those advanced and Gifted students who are ready to work ahead of the main group of students.

Students will be sent to a specific page by the teacher either
  •  prior to a weekly or chapter test   OR
  •  after not passing a test in order to review for the retest
Students are also welcome to use these resources at will and
 to "move ahead" at an accelerated pace.

This is the region in which a review question is asked, to reinforce the learning of this tutorial. 

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