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There are several parts to the State Research Project for 5th Grade.  These activities will take a great deal of work, so we will give students several months.  Whenever there is not enough homework on any given night, then work on the project. 

The following are the various parts of this project.

1. Write to the state tourism office to request information, broucheres and a map of the state.

1a.  Get an overview of your state by doing a State Webquest 

2. Do a web search for resources and turn in a list of those  resources to the teacher.  Also, submit a bibliography of book sources.

 3. Make an outline of main topics for the research paper (See the end of the state articles in World Book Encyclopedia for your state).

4. Submit a "basic facts"  table with the most up-to-date information possible (check an almanac or 

5. Design a bar, line, circle or pie graph for any 2 of the following topics --  ethnic groups in the population, economic activity, rural vs. urban population, major products, rainfall totals, temperature or any other area approved by the teacher. To make a graph, go to:

6. Written report of at least 8 handwritten or 4 typed (double-spaced) pages.   State Report Template Sample

   or Poster Report (see sample)


7. Tri-fold color brochure that you have created to inform others about the state made in pen or on MS word with pictures. 

State Brochure Template

8.  Two different types of maps (political, physical, landform relief, product/manufacturing, population density, etc) hand drawn or molded in clay by student. 

9.A Power Point Presentation following a teacher template that covers major sections of your written report. State Report Power Point Template.

10. A one page web site about your state, based on the teacher-made template. Include pictures, state song (as background music on midi file),the basic facts in a table or chart, a 1-3 paragraph description of the state plus links which MUST include the following: 

  • a)The official website of the state (www.state_ -- fill in the state abbreviation_) 
  • b) a webcam view of a state place of interest
  • c) a televison station website 
  • d)a newspaper website for a newspaper in your state
  • e)link to the topographic <fermi> map.
  • f)state song (if possible) playing as a MIDI file in the background
  • g)table of data and some graph on topics such as ethnic group population, major industries, crops, etc.)
In order to have MIDI version of state song, we may do the website at   State song MIDI files are on

Possible Extra Credit Mini-Project

11.State Float, displaying symbols of the state.


12.Oral presentation of your state with the Power Point.

13. Essay on what you have learned by doing these projects.

14.  Alternate Plan: A state quilt made of state symbols.

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Acme Labs Maker forState License Plates

Animated Flags
State Cartoons
Use these to copy and use in the report, Power Point and web page.
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