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History/Social Studies 7

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Medieval and
Early Modern Times

This year we will learn about the civilizations of Africa, Meso America, Asia and Europe which developed between the Fall of Rome and the Age of Exploration


We will be using a project based learning style of discovery learning, based on the concepts of cooperative learning.

Projects will be assigned each trimester.

World Civilizations and Topics we will study:

Unit 1: New Empires and New Faiths

Chapter 1: Roman Civilization

Chapter 2: Islamic Civilization

Chapter 3: Medieval Africa
Unit 2: The Middle Ages

Chapter 4: China in the Middle Ages

Chapter 5: Medieval Japan

Chapter 6: Medieval Europe

The Crusades,
Knights and Serfs
Heraldic Shield Project
Unit 3: A Changing World

Chapter 7: The Renaissance

Study of the political and social dimensions of the Renaissance era and the art and literature of the era.   Art related project...perhaps paint the ceiling like Michelangelo?

Chapter 8: The Reformation

Christianity breaks apart.
Some, such as Martin Luther and John Calvert protest the Catholic Church and set up Protestant Christianity, while Henry VIII declares himself head of the Church in England so that he can get a divorce or 5 of them in all.
Catholics then start the Counter-Reformation.
Students will make compare/contrast charts to show the differing beliefs of 16th century Christiandom.

Chapter 9: The Americas

The Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations were highly developed civilizations of pre-Colombian America.  That all changed with the Age of Exploration and Conquest.

Group Mural Project

Chapter 10: The Age of Exploration

Students will do an individual research project/biography about one of the explorers from this era.

Chapter 11: The Age of Enlightenment

The rise of Science and Reason



Essential Links

California State Standards for History-Social Science

California State Framework

Our text book has many web resources. 

Online student edition
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Class Tutorials for each Chapter, designed by Mr. Curry for Chapters 1 and 2.  Other Chapters will be created by students.Read more >

  Proposed Class Projects
Comparitive World Religions Group Research

Samurai Adventure

The Black Plague

Medeival Life - An Imagined Personal Narrative

Individual research~
An Explorer