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Welcome to Room 3 - Mr. Curry's 8th Grade U.S. History Class
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This research  is a personal research
project about each student's family history.  This will be a
short term (4 weeks) project during which students will
interview family members to trace their family tree as far
back as possible and to collect oral history from family
members.  Students will also be encouraged to describe or
photograph (or scan) family artifacts.  Students will also
create a distinctive time line of their family.
Project website:


Geneology Home Page .

Family Tree spreadsheet (MS Excel=.xls )

Sample of other Classes

Paige Family (5th grader)


Students ask family members what is known about their family history.  Since there is a separate family behind each biological  parent, this can become a very large web of family members.

     Students should record their research on scratch paper and/or on an excel type spreadsheet.
Family History Book (MS Word template):  Use this to create a book in place of the written project.
Sample of a Family Tree


Your personal family history is also a part of your heritage. This project will enable you
  • Gain practical skills in writing history.
  • Identify your connection to the history of the world and other nations.
  • Learn more about your own individual heritage.
  • Create a primary source for future generations to study.

ASSIGNMENT: You are to write your own family history. This project consists of two
main parts:

1. A data sheet with birth, marriage, death, etc.. information going back to your
great-great-grandparents (see example). This should be filled out as completely as
possible, although you are not expected to have data for everything.

2. A written family history, which can be a collection of oral history interviews:


  • Minimum 1 page handwritten on your grandparents generation.
  • Minimum 2 pages handwritten on your parents generation.
  • Minimum 2 pages handwritten on your generation.
  • Create a book (based on the template above)    OR
  • Create a Power Point presentation (ask the teacher for a template)
  • Do a documentary style video

 3. All Students must also prepare a class presentation.  You may include:  pictures, memorabilia, documents, etc...that the class might find interesting
This can be carefully displayed OR take photos with a digital camera or scan the item to include in a Power Point Presentation.


  • Rough Draft: September 18th
  • FINAL COPY DUE October 5th
  • Presentation: The week of October 16th
You do not need to turn in your notecards, outline, and rough draft with your final copy.
. The notecards, outline, and rough draft
are required to help you prepare an excellent family history narrative. These are not
needed for your family data sheet. The only two items that MUST be turned in on the final
due date are your family data sheet and your written family history. Other pictures and
memorabilia may also be included.

If you type your report, please use either Arial or Times New Roman font faces with 12 or
14 point type. Please make sure to double space the text of your report. Remember that
one page of handwritten work equals approximately 2/3 of a page that is typed and double
spaced with 12 or 14 point type.

Here are some ideas of things you might wish to include in your family history:

  • anecdotes and stories
  • vacations
  • milestones
  • occupations
  • war and the military
  • geography
  • sports and leisure
Here are some of the places where you might be able to find information:
  • living relatives
  • other previously written family histories
  • cemeteries
  • county records
  • marriage licenses
  • pictures
  • writing family members
  • personal visits

Piedmont MS Trip to Washington DC
Spring Break 2012

Optional 5 day trip to Washington D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg.
Our students travel through Worldstrides student travel.
We will have meetings in September.
DC 2011
Photo slideshow of the 2011 Trip