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5th Graders "Adopt" an Element

This Page developed by Mr. Rob Curry
5th Grade Teacher at Vinci Park Elementary
Berryessa Union School District   San Jose, California

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   As developer of this project, I wish to thank those who ran various professional development opportunities which all helped me develop the skills for this project.

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Matter Project Overview

Key Unit Questions

1. How are elements similar and different from one another?

2. What are the properties of each element studied?

3. How do elements react with other elements to form compounds?

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Since the study of Matter is a required unit of study in 5th-8th grades in California and many other states, this unit would be a very valuable resource for 5th-8th grade Science.  It can also be simplified for use in 3rd grade.

Other grades would likely find it very valuable wherever it would fit into their curriculum.

Replication - How Other Teachers Can Easily Adapt This Unit

Teachers have permission to use all original work in this unit as long as it is not for profit and it is for educational use.  You may use the entire unit or you may modify those sections deemed useful.


Science, Language Arts and Technology Objectives

    By the time this project begins, students have learned about matter in a basic way (such as in 3rd grade) and as part of the regular 5th and 8th grade Science Curriculum, using text books and inquiry based activities. They will be expected to be able to do research in a school library that is well stocked with: grade appropriate reference books on each element and  encyclopedias; Students will also have seen a sample  element Power Point Presentation and other materials provided here.
   The Elemental Jeopardy game that was created for this unit may help refresh student minds of some chemistry related facts.  In the Background and Research sections of this site, students will have numerous links to web activities created by others to review the knowledge.

     For the basic unit, which includes research and developing a Power Point presentation, allow for 2-3 weeks.
     If using the project extensions, allow for at least 1-2 additional weeks for each activity.

Purpose of this Unit
     This unit is based as a project based learning alternative for students to learn about elements in general and about a particular member of the Periodic Table.  By researching and creating technology products which communicate their acquired knowledge of their selected element, students can take a sense of "ownership" over the element that they have adopted and share that knowledge with fellow students.
Cool New Matter Review Game
Created by Mr. Curry 
(based on a template by Mark Damon)

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