5th Grade Math Final Project
Project developed by rdcurry  Vinci Park School, San Jose, CA.


5th Grade Math

Grade 5
Student Word Problems
by 5th grade students

Students will write word problems using several types of operations that were learned during the school year.  In cooperative groups or pairs, students will:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for a theme or story line
  2. identify at least 2 different types of math skills that were covered in 5th grade to use in the word problems
  3. Locate and save images to visually support the word problems
  4. write a rough draft of the problems, edit and then input the final draft into a web builder (We used netscape composer) and then publish after it has been checked by the teacher
  5. share their work with other students as a year-end culminating activity
Student Work 2003
Vegas Math (Adin, Mannu)
Movie Math (Rhyan S,Nickolas,David,Douglas)
Walden West Math (Rachel, Esbeidy, Marissa, Regina)
Buffet Math(bi-lingual) (Daniel, Kevin, Marcos)
Teacher Created Template
Rubric for student work
Animated Graphics (www.animfactory.com)
Images: Check out Google Images
California Mathematics Content Standards 
Great Math Web Site: http://www.aaamath.com/

Teacher Samples:  O'Neill Sea Odyssey Math    Thanksgiving Turkey Math

California State Standard
Harcourt Math Book
Other Resources/Activities
Mathematics : Grade 5 : 
Number Sense 
      1. Students compute with: 
Found throughout the book but first emphasized as noted below:
To search for specific Math skill topics to locate an appropriate web resource, check out:
Big Chalk <www.bigchalk.com>
  • very large and very small numbers
Pages 2-19 -
  • positivenumbers and 
  • negative numbers
Pages 2-19
Negative: 416-431
Positive & Negative Numbers
Negative numbers
  • decimals
Pages 18-25
  • fractions

Pages 280-295
  • understand the  relationship among decimals, fractions and percents
Pages 228-229, 280-283, 320-323
Fractions and Decimals
Fractions to Percents
Decimals and Percents
2. Students perform calculations and solve problems  involving :
- -
  • addition of fractions and decimals. 
Fractions: 344-361, 364-367

Decimals: Pages 48-53



  • subtraction of fractions and decimals. 
Fractions: 344-357, 368-373

Decimals: Pages 48-53



  • simple multiplication of fractions and decimals. 
Fractions: 380-387

Decimals: Pages 144-169, 174



  • simple division of fractions and decimals. 
 (New skill introduced in 5th Grade)
Fractions: 398-403

Decimals: Pages 218-225
                Pages 236-241



Mathematics : Grade 5 : Mathematical Reasoning

      1. Students make decisions about how  to approach problems. 
      2. Students use strategies, skills and  concepts in finding solutions.

Mathematical Reasoning
is found virtually throughout
every chapter.

See Teacher's Edition
SC25 - SC28

Mathematics : Grade 5

Algebra and Functions 

1. Students use variables in simple  expressions, compute the value of the expression for specific values of the variable, and plot and interpret the results.

Unit 7
Chapters 23-26
Pages 414-500
Algebra Links
Mathematics : Grade 5 : Statistics, Data Analysis & Probability 

1. Students display, analyze, compare and interpret different data sets, including data sets that are not the same size.

Unit 9
Chapter 30
Pages 568-586
Mathematics : Grade 5 : Measurement and Geometry


Unit 8
Chapters 27-29
Pages 414-500


1.0 Students understand and compute the volumes and areas of simple objects: - -
2.0 Students identify, describe, and classify the properties of, and the relationships between, plane and solid geometric figures - -
- - -
Coordinate Grid for Integers
Integer number line