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Math Word Problem Solving

(Through Multiplication of Decimals)


javaThe Teacher’s Coffee Choices (Reasoning Skills)


Mr. Curry went to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee.  He isn’t into fancy types of coffee
drinks, yet he still has so many choices to make just for basic drip coffee.


 starbux sizes

Size: Tall, Grande, Venti (disregard the child's size)

Coffee: Regular or Decaf

Sweetener: None, Regular Sugar, Raw Sugar, Equal, Sweet ‘n Low, Splenda

Creamer: None, Half ‘n Half, Whole Milk, Low-Fat, Non-Fat, Soy Milk

  1. How many different combinations of Size, Coffee, Sweetener and Creamer are there altogether?  _____   2. How did you figure that out? ______________________________________ ______________________________________________


3. For Teacher Appreciation Day, the Student Council wanted to treat the teachers to their favorite Starbucks drinks.  They had teachers choose from the table below. What would the total cost be?




Total Amount per drink

Caffe Americano

1@ $3.35

3@ $4.05


Caffe Latte

2@ $3.65

5@ $4.25


Caffe Mocha

1@ $3.65

3@ $4.25



1@ $3.45

1@ $4.15


Caramel Macchiato

2@ $3.75

2@ $4.45


Caramel Mocha

4@ $3.75

2@ $4.45


Espresso Macchiato

2@ $3.75

4@ $4.65


White Chocolate Mocha

1@ $4.05

3@ $4.75




 3b)  If the student council simply gave each of the 37 teachers at the school a gift card for $10, how much would they spend total on gift cards?

4.  It is customary to leave a 15% tip.  To figure out how much tip to add, multiply the total by 0.15 and add that amount to the total.

Total cost including tip: $_____.___



coffe5. If Mr. Curry’s wife had a Venti Caramel Macchiato every day she worked,
how much would she spend (before tip) every 5 day work week? ________


6. How much would she spend in a year (52 weeks)? __________


7. Mr. Curry bought 3.5 pounds of French Roast coffee beans for 9.79 per pound.
How much would that cost?


8. He also bought some pounds of Sumatra coffee beans for $15.98 (at $7.99 per pound).  How many pounds did he buy? (Think equation with a variable).


9.  How much did he pay for the French Roast (#7) and Sumatra (#8) altogether?

10.  The baristas who work at Starbucks average a pay rate of $9.49 per hour.  If they average 21.5 hours per week, what would they earn per week?