Created for use in 5th Grade
by rdcurry San Jose, CA

   Dracula's Castle
1.  Dracula’s castle is built on a rectangular plot of land.  The length of the land is 
100 feet and the width is 80 feet.  Dracula wants to dig a moat around his castle.  Find out the perimeter of his property to help Dracula figure out how much digging he will need to do. 
[Remember that perimeter = measurements of all four sides] 

Is the answer:

A- 8,000 feet
B- 180  feet
C- 360  feet

2. Dracula needs to know the square feet of his property.  What is the area?  [Remember that area =  length X width]

Is the Answer:
A- 8,000 sq. feet
B- 180 square feet
C- 360 square feet

3. Unsafe-way Supermarket has trick or treat candy for sale.  The price is 3 bags for $5.99.  About how much is that for each bag? (rounded to the nearest whole dollar)

Is the answer:
A-  $18.00 per bag
B-  $2.00 per bag
C-  $3.00 per bag

4. Franky Jr., Frankenstein’s son, went shopping at the store. 
He had $10. He bought the following items:

Flashlight            $ 3.99
Batteries             $ 1.99 
Jack-o-lantern    $ 4.99 


a) Did he have enough money?   OR
b) How much change did he get back or how short of money will he be?

5. There were 10,564 bats hanging in Dracula’s cave, 18,432 spiders, 
21,897 ghosts and 876 witches all in Transylvania. 
About how many creepy Halloween critters were there total when  you-
a) Estimate to the nearest thousand and add
b) Estimate to the nearest hundred and add
c) Add the actual numbers



Witches Brew

6. The witches brew calls for the following ingredients:

Rat puree 
 3.54             liters
Spider extract  0.028           liters
Gossamer Wings  0.005           liters
Vampire Sucked Blood  41.900          liters
Magic Mushroom Broth   3.67             liters
Witches Brew

  _________  liters

7. Which Witch's Hat is Which

Witch Alyce’s hat is 22 inches in diameter.
Witch Bertha’s hat is 19.9989 inches in diameter.
Witch Calista’s hat is 27.056 inches in diameter
Witch Dorothy’s hat is 27.6 inches in diameter.
Witch Editha’s hat is 27.00989 inches in diameter

Put the witches in order from the smallest to the largest hats

After 5 kids named Bozo, Princess, Broom Hilda, Lucifer, and Invisible went trick-or-treating through their neighborhood in Transylvania, they each weighed their candy to see who had the most.  Use the chart below to answer questions 8-10.


Ghoulish kid
Actual Weight
 Rounded Weight
Bozo 6.52      pounds ______ pounds
Princess 8.2        pounds  ______ pounds
Broom Hilda 6.055    pounds ______ pounds
Lucifer 7.899    pounds ______ pounds
Invisible  3.0986  pounds  ______ pounds

__ .___ pounds ______ pounds
a) Rounding off to the nearest whole pound (ones place), how many total pounds did they get altogether? ______
b) Adding up the actual weight, how many pounds of candy did they collect?  ______
Is it close to the rounded off estimate?  yes  no  How far off the estimate was it? _____

9. What was the difference between what Lucifer got and what Invisible got? ______

10. Put the kids in order from least to most candy collected.

_________< _________ < _______ < _________, <________


Created for Fifth Grade 
by rdcurry@sjteach.org