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All reading logsf or Reading Is Cool are due by the 5th of each Month.  The program runs October-May.


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This Month In Room 25

Class Tutorials
Students and teachers can access the curriculum for all
academic subjects at these web units I developed during the Summer.
During the year, students will help create tutorials!

This year, parents and the teacher can stay in touch easily through text messaging, through the free tool, Remind 101.
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Coming Events
September and October


Explorer Project
Halloween Math Project


November and December
Thanks poems

May and June
Amazing Aquatic Adventures Project
   View our year-long project on the watershed and ecosystems our joint project at

Students and Parents to
Check Out Middle School

During the third week of May, both students and parents will have the chance to see what lies ahead for them in middle school.
   On ______, Vinci Park 5th graders will tour Piedmont Middle and Morrill Middle.  On _______ night, parents are urged to attend the  Middle School Parent Orientation Night from ____-_____ PM in _________ Multi-Purpose Room. 
    Mr. Curry intends to be there to get used to his new environment for next year as well..

Berryessa Art  Festival  Features our Studentss

The 39th annual Berryessa Art & Wine Festival will be held on Saturday May __th, with live entertainment and fun for the whole family. Over 150 craft & food booths are featured at the festival, located at Penitencia Creek Park next to Berryessa Community Center, to benefit Berryessa Music Boosters and the San Jose Neighborhood Services Department.  Several of our classmates will perform their Music.

Wed May __th: GATE After school trip to

June 8-10:  Vinci Park Olympics
Wed June __th: 5:30-7PM Class Potluck for students and families
Thur June ___: 5th Grade Recognition 12-1:15PM at Outside Amphitheater
Fri June ___: 5th Grade Picnic at Flickinger Park.  Last Day of School.

Vinci Park Celebrates
Earth Day

Recycling Project: Our students helped collect, sort and bag cans.  The proceeds helped provide financial aid for Science Camp.


Thurs April 21st: Vinci Park Open House and Science-O-Rama

fieldFriday April 22nd: Earth Day and Adopt-A-Creek Clean Up of Upper Penitencia Creek Field Trip 8:45-11 and later we did a Project Astro Planet Simulation with our Project Astro Partner, Mr. Bernie Lin of  Lockheed Martin.

engwkEngineering WeekWe had 2 engineers from Lockheed Martin visit our class and help us learn about engineers.  We even built some structures out of spaghetti!

 campcurry05Week of _________ :
Walden West Outdoor School

View out Photos of Walden West at

Annual Star Party - "A Night of A Million Stars"
sratpic     On Tuesday, _______th, local astronomy enthusiasts will share their enthusiasm for astronomy with dozens of Vinci Park families.  The families, astronomers and teachers, braved the cool night temperatures to get a great view of planets, stars and the constellations.  One observer was amazed by how clear the planet Saturn was. 
   Thanks to the San Jose Amateur Astronomy Association for bringing out their telescopes and to 5th grade teacher Mr. Silva with having organized the annual event.
Yes We CAN Make a  Big Difference!

recycle    With the support of almost every class in the school, our students gathered, counted and sorted aluminum cans.  This recycling project is good for our environment.  Since recycling pays, we even raised over $250 for the Walden West Outdoor School scholarship fund.   On April 22nd, Rooms 30, 31 and 32 will all go on a Creek Clean-Up trip to Upper Penitencia Creek as an Eco-Action to celebrate Earth Day 2005. Chaperones are Needed! We are inviting the local press to come with us.   See our Recycling Yahoo! Photo page.

Projects in March/April

  • Social Studies:  "You Are There" News Reports from the Revolutionary War, using video, with our students as reporters and the people who made history!.  The video will be shown at Open House and OR at the end of the year Class Dinner.
  • Science/Technology: We concluded our AAA (Amazing Aquatic Adventures) collaborative project with a second and a third grade class we are telecommunicating with elsewhere in San Jose.
  • Science: Earth Day Cleanup of Upper Penitencia Creek - Friday, April 22nd.
  • Science: Matter Project (Chemistry) was due March 4th
  • Science-O-Rama:  Our annual Science Fair, sponsored by Synopsis, will take place on April 21st at Open House.
  • Science Solarquest online Web Quest/Group Project
  • Reading/Language Arts: Spring Novels. Choice of a book Dear Mr. Henshaw, Shiloh, or Holes to read in small groups and to do book reports on (due April 8th).
  • Language Arts: Young Author's Fair-- students are encouraged to create a book to enter in our school-wide fair.  Student entries are due by April 25th.
  • Math:  Division of Whole Numbers & Decimals and Stock Market Game .Math Challenge Site:
  • Accelerated Program for advanced students
  • GATE Math assignment Java Math Problem Solving
  • Last weeks of Stock Market Game (through April 8th).  Student groups will research stocks and then invest an imaginary $100,000 and they will then manage their portfolio.  .
  • Vinci Park Recycling  occurred in ________
otterOtter Pop sale after school every Thursday 1:15-1:30 and Friday, 2:35-2:50.  Proceeds will go towards our Science Camp Funds We will also have a Vinci Park Day at McDonald's fundraiser in early April.

Wed Feb 16th: Field Trip to HP Pavilion for Reading Is Cool
hockeyteamThis is what I learned on our trip to HP Pavilion. First, what I learned was to play hockey and it was so cool because I got to shoot the ball thing (puck). The next thing I learned was that I know how hockey players look like because we got to dress up our captain and he looked funny. The last thing I enjoyed was that we got prizes: tattoos, books, calendar, poster and a Sharkie Reading Is Cool Frisbee to play with. That is what I enjoyed and learned at the HP Pavilion. -by Iliana V. (Show Me the Photos!)

In May, we have been asked to take part in BizWorld's new program, BizWiz. 
Winter Concert
winconcert   winterconcert9
The Winter Concert was on February 9th at Piedmont Middle School.


            Coming In May: Completion of our group Planet Power Point Projects

As part of the 5th grade Science curriculum, all 5th grade students are expected to attend Science camp at Walden West.  For this year, we will be going in ______.  We will have parent meetings to explain the costs, fundraising opportunities and other details on __________.

Environmental Eco-Action: Vinci Park's 5th graders take part in an Eco-Action project to help clean up our community.  Our classes have taken part in the "Adopt-A-Creek" program of the Santa Clara County Water District.  Each class will make 2-3 clean-up visits to Upper Penitencia Creek, just a few blocks from our school.  Our first cleanup will be on ______________ from 10AM - 12 Noon.

Project ASTRO: We will once again team with a Lockheed Martin Space Systems volunteer engineer, Mr. Bernie Lin, to do science experiments and to help set up our annual Star Party.

Science-O-Rama: We will once again have the annual science fair this Spring and students will enter individual projects. The Science-O-Rama will be on April 21st at the school's Open House.

Reading Is Cool: Our class will once again take part in the Reading Is Cool program to encourage students to read.  Last year we gave out some neat Sharks prizes and we even got to go to the Shark Tank!

Newspapers in Education: Vinci Park students in Room 31 will be getting weekly copies of both the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle to keep up on current events and we will follow the stock market as part of the Chronicle's Stock Market Game program. We thank both newspapers for their support for education.

Some of the Things we Will Do in 2013-14 Which My Past Vinci Park Classes Have Done 2004-05

A Review of the School Year...So Far

First Day of School...only 180 days to go!

Sept. Activities : Creek Hike & BizWorld
bworld  biz4

Other Activities / Photo links
October : Exploring the Unknown
nasaaeeNASA Ames Exploration Encounter
Field trip __________

O' Neill Sea Odyssey Trip was on
Wednesday, October 27th

Our coolest trip of the year will be in _______.
We sailed aboard a catamaran out of Santa Cruz Harbor onto Monterey Bay.


Tech Museum Trip

We hope to go to the Tech Museum

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