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Mr. Curry's  History/Social Science
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Get to know a little bit more about our world.

Students will be challenged to research and share what they learn about a selected nation of the world.  They will use printed referance resources, electronic resources (Encyclopedia on CD-ROM and  3-D Atlas), internet informational web sites (such as the CIA World Fact Book).
All reference sources used MUST be noted, using MLA style
With the information they gather, students will share that information in the following ways:

Required by all: Written report of 5+ pages, on MS Word (.doc) including 2 different types of maps, at least 1 table of information (such as crops or segments of the economy), at least 1 graph (such as ethnic groups or GDP) and at least one Venn Diagram comparing/contrasting something (such as the country vs. the United States) AND one neatly constructed time line.  An MLA-style bibliography must also be included.
Outline   |    Outline Rubric  |   Written Report Rubric

One of the following (accompanied by an oral presentation):
  1. Printed brochure format
  2. Power Point Presentation slideshow
  3. Display board or large poster with paragraph long sections and pictures
  4. 30-90 second video highlighting what they have learned about the country

Choosing a country List of Countries


       See the specific Objectives covered in this project
at the Objectives web page

Social Studies
During 6th and 7th grade, students have learned about ancient or medieval civilizations and many basics about cultures in general from representational  civilizations.

In this report, they will apply what they have learned about the "geographic, political, economic, and social structures" of their assigned country.

Language Arts

Students will apply what they have learned in reading, analyzing and applying informational textx.

Students will apply what they are learning about writing a research report.

Outline (MSWord .doc)
Outline (html)


Written Report Template (.doc)

You can also use the free web-based Google Documents to do the report.  The class account user name is piedmontlancers and the password is student.
  • Minimum 5 Pages
  • All Areas in outline must be covered fully.
  • Full paragraphs of 5+ sentences for every section including an expository style
    • Topic sentence
    • 3-4 detail sentences
    • Concluding sentence which restates the topic sentence

How to make a timeline online for the report.
Click on the link for the timeline maker.
Timeline Maker:

Input the 4-6 most important dates and events and a title for the timeline, such as Finland History Timeline.

Create the saves as a web page.
Hit the Print Scrn key on the very top row of the keyboard.
Open up Power Point and create a blank page.
Click on Ctrl + V to paste the screen shot on the power point slide.  Center it as best you can.  Add some word art and/or pictures.
Go to File>Save AS and save it with a name such as JerryTimelineFinland and save as a .jpeg (not as a .ppt)
Answer yes to the questions that pop up and then save the new jpeg file with the rest of your work.

  • Following the template (created and modified in Microsoft Word .doc), students create a brochure about their country.

Story Board
Template #2
  • Use the story board to plan your power point by choosing a main point for each slide, based on your written report.
  • Use the Power Point template to create your presentation, with images you saved (and for which you list on the bibliography).  Be  sure to save the Power Point as yourname_country.ppt (such as SallyF_Brazil.ppt)
  • Use the rubric to guide you in making your power point, as it will be the basis for grading it.
  • Cool Country Power Point Backgrounds


Story Board
  • Download the free Mozilla 1.7.12 browser with html editing composer.
  • Use story board to plan your web site
  • Open template in that browser and go to File>Edit Page
  • Insert all the files you saved previously and modify the template for your country. 
  • Then File>Save As   <yourinitials_country.html> (such as /sallyf_brazil.html) onto same device or folder as the items you inserted and then bring to the teacher so he can help you upload to our class web domain at
sru See student project sample:

     Learn MLA Style

  1. Works Cited Page: Basic Format
  2. Works Cited Page: Books
  3. Works Cited: Periodicals
  4. Works Cited: Electronic Sources
  5. Works Cited: Other Non-Print Sources
  6. Additional Resources
      EasyBib MLA Maker
Students will use MLA Style format for showing resources used in all project elements.

Example for web site:
"Encyclopędia Britannica World Atlas" Encyclopędia Britannica. 2005.  Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service.
16 Oct. 2005  <>.

Find and use images, especially for whatever non-written presentation project you chose (website, Power Point Presentation, Dispaly board, etc)

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