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Assumed Colonial Identity Project

Courtesy of Cooonial Williamsburg Foundation 2002
Power Point Presentations
  On this page, we will be placing the biography power point  of our students' Assumed 18th Century Characters.  After studying the Colonial period of American History, our students chose a charachter who really lived in or visited Williamsburg in the 1770's.  They were given a short bio sheet of the character and asked to come up with some generalizations about the person, based on their social class and from the class having previously viewed video depictions of 18th century life in Roots, as well as Colonial Williamburg Foundation's Electronic Field Trips and video tapes entitled, The Runaway, and Reflections on Liberty (The Thoughts of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry).

  The students then did research, including obtaining copies of Primary Sources about their character from and from the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute's 2001 Participant CD-Rom.  Based on that, they created a fictionalized  biography of their "Assumed Identity".    The Power point Presentations, several samples of which are linked below, are grouped based on the social class of the character.

  The Power Point for each character includes the following elements-

Main Project Page with Guideline and Rubric Links

Power Point slide Presentation Overview of this project
Teacher-made Template for Student Power Point
Teacher made Sample: John Anderson - Colonial Blacksmith
Storyboard for Power Point
Rubric for Storyboard
Power Point Template
Power Point Rubric

Images Courtesy of Williamsburg Foundation 2002

Meet our Assumed Identities on Power Point
10 Exemplary Samples out of 30 submitted

Gentry Class
Middling Class
The Working Poor
Enslaved Africans
Betty Randolph
George Wythe
Thomas Jefferson
Patrick Henry
John Greenhow
Christiana Campbell
Ann Wager
Matthew Ashby
(owned by Randolphs)

Gowan Pamphlett
(escaped slave)

 Template for Assumed Colonial Identity Power Point (.ppt file)


CD-Rom Resources
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2001
Microsoft Encarta Africana 2000
Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 2001
World Book Millenium Edition
Groliers Encycopedia 1999

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