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Fight for Liberty

     When I was 7 years old, my family moved from Vietnam to San Jose, California.  We came here because our family had no freedom in Vietnam.  My grandfather, my uncle and his family came here in 1981.  They sponsored my other aunts and uncles and their kids.  Finally in 2000, it was my family's turn.  On February 21, 2000 we had our Independence Day.

     This year I studied about colonists in Virginia in the old  days.  They decided to get liberty in 1776.  My family chose liberty too.  And like the colonists, they had to suffer and to work hard to get liberty.

    My grandparents were born in Vietnam.  They are very poor.  There was a war there in Vietnam and many people got killed and harmed.  My grandparents were really lucky because they didn't have to fight, but still they decided to run away from Vietnam to get freedom in America.  Only my grandfather, my uncle, and aunt went to America.  They got caught and went to prison.  When they got out, they ran away again, this time they made it.  It was a long journey with pirates and hardships.  They were so happy to get to America.  
     My uncle and aunt started to find jobs to buy a house to live in with my grandfather.  After living in America for 10 years, they started to sponsor (bringing) my grandmother and my other aunt to America.  And then a after 5 more years, they sponsored  another 2 of my aunts and their family to America.  another 3 years later, they sponsored my family to America.  That day when I came to America was one of my dreams come true. 

-Han N.

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