Amazing Aquatic Adventures

Mrs. Hough's Class Trip to the

 Salt Marsh

Alviso  |   Salt Marsh   |    Upland    |    Beaks   |  Salt Pond  |    Wetland Cafe


al2The Baldwin School second graders went to the Environmental Education Center in Alviso. We spent the day walking on the trails and exploring the habitats and animals that live in the salt marsh, upland and salt ponds.  Our school parents led the activities on the Salt Marsh, Upland, Beaks, Salt Pond and Wetland Cafe.  By the end of the day we were very tired, but we learned a lot of new things.

al1The rangers talked to us about the San Francisco Bay and the rivers that go into it.  She said it looked like fingers going into a hand.  There is less salt marsh now than there was one hundred years ago.  We need to help keep the salt marsh safe for plants and animals to live in it. 

al4Mrs. Hough got some special equipment to measure the temperature of the water.  There is a Palm Pilot computer connected to a Data Pro and a temperature sensor.  We got to see the temperature change as the water got warmer.  We can save a graph on the Palm Pilot and then connect it to a computer.


Sometimes you have to look carefully to see the changing numbers on the Palm Pilot.

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