In this class, we will learn about ancient civilizations from the dawn of humankind through the fall of the Roman Empire.  Students will do many group collaborative and individual projects throughout the year.

We will be using technology in doing research and creating presentations and video.  Students and parents are given a user name and password that will be used to access both our own class grade book with quizzes and our new class secure web space at .

We wil relate the past to the modern day and celebrate our ethnic diversity as we learn about the contributions of the varied world civilizations.  We will do some current events assignments and learn the basics of the various world religions including Hinduism, Buddaism, Judaism and Christianity which developed during the time period studied.

CA History/Social Science Standards

Our Class Account Info will be given
to students in class. 
Those over 13 can create their own account.

Bell Schedule
Mr. Curry teaches 6th Grade Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies Core in periods 3-6 (Class A)
and a single period of 6th Grade Social Studies in Period 1  (Class B)
Regular Schedule     
Homeroom     7:55-8:05
1st Period      8:08-9:01
2nd Period     9:04-9:57
Break             9:57-10:10
3rd Period    10:13-11:06
4th Period    11:09-12:02
  1st Lunch   12:02-12:33
5th Period    12:05- 1:29
  2nd Lunch  12:58-1:29
6th Period     1:32- 2:26                                   
Minimum Day Schedule (Every Thursday)
Homeroom    None
1st Period      7:55-8:36
2nd Period    8:39-9:20
Break             9:20-9:33
3rd Period    9:36-10:17
4th Period    10:20-11:01
  1st Lunch  11:01-11:32
5th Period    11:04-12:16
  2nd Lunch  11:45-12:16
6th Period     12:19-1:00
Major Projects:
On-Going Group Projects and Presentations
Country Report
 The Piedmont Time Machine: